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Sometimes the best thing you can do for your community’s health is to stay home and stay healthy. That’s why we’re moving all our classes to online until at least April, and are closed for drop-ins. The website isn’t properly finished yet, but I want you to have things that will help you now.

We now sell commercially made and tested hand sanitizer, unscented, or in eight different blends, to make this all a little more fun. Don’t forget that washing with soap and water is always best. Share with your neighbors! Any orders of more than 32 ounces of sanitizer at a time will be cancelled and refunded, so everyone who needs it can get it.

All our kids’ crafts are now online, as well as henna supplies, and we’re working to get embroidery crafts up there, too.

Because the owner is a mom, too, we’re also offering free delivery to Northampton and Easthampton, or free pickup to anyone outside those areas. We will also ship items.

Be safe, hug your loved ones, and when this is over, we’ll have a big party.



Centered in the heart of Easthampton, The Peacock’s Nest is fun community space where everyone can come and create.

Peacock’s nest offers classes, private rentals, and open craft hours. Henna supplies, craft kits, art, and quilling materials are always available. And if you’re new to a specific art form? Lauren, the owner, is available to lend her insights and skill whenever she can and is always eager to do the research and pull in outside  supports from the community. 


You’re not just building, you’re creating.

Crafts provide a moment of calm. In a world that constantly demands our attention, crafts exist as a singular task to focus on. No emails. No “what will I make for dinner?” Just the process of creating. Whether you buy a craft kit or bring your own project, you know what you’re working on – crafts provide a destination and there’s countless ways to get there allowing for a creative journey. Creating allows a moment to finish something fully – a joy few of us are allotted in the nonstop demands of our everyday lives.

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