Clear Window Mask Add-On




Finally, a comfortable face mask that you can see someone’s smile through! This mask is terrific for teachers, therapists, deaf and hard of hearing folks, and their friends. A padded nose wire grip seals gaps to increase effectiveness and minimize glasses fogging. Because it ties at the top of the head, the cord completely avoids the ears, which makes it ideal for glasses wearers and those who need to wear it for a long time.

We make these masks to order from our other mask fabrics. The system for putting them in is… complicated. The only reasonable way I’ve found to do it is to have the window mask as an add-on. If you are ordering both types of mask, please put in a note saying which one is to be done with the window.

These masks are made to order ONLY. We do not carry them at our Farmer’s Markets, although of course you are welcome to pick them up there.

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Weight .2 lbs

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