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Our lotion is made with shea butter and enriched with vitamins A, C, and E for soft, healthy-feeling skin and nothing but scent (or not!) left behind. Natural botanicals like soothing chamomile and hydrating cucumber promote circulation and heal dryness. Our lotions are vegan and paraben-free, and come unscented or in your choice of six fantasy-inspired scents.  Available in 2oz. or 8oz. sizes.


Simply pure and unscented.


A spicy, herbal blend of scents reminiscent of the golden ages of poets and painters, suggesting the heady influence of absinthe and grounded in notes of amber. 



Be the hero of your own story with this comforting scent. Honey, coconut, warm rice, and vanilla remind us that magic can come from the most ordinary of places.


This scent embraces the duality of strength and delicacy.  With notes of mandarin orange, cool mint, and earthy green leaves, this spicy, airy blend is perfect for your next adventure.


Be powerful; be you. This fruity, floral scent features layers of hibiscus and rose mingling with a subtle, mossy base.


Masculine and iconic, tough and tender. Sweet vanilla and fresh citrus, with a darker undertone of tobacco and barrel-aged whisky.



Seductive and memorable, this scent blending breathy lilac and sugary gooseberries let’s you be your own love interest.

Vitamin-Enriched Body Lotion

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