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Our sugar scrubs are made of luscious natural ingredients from around the world, and our formula is research-based and a total must-have for our founder: “I started making these on a I use them everywhere!”


Scrubs gently clean and exfoliate skin, for cleared pores and better circulation, rebuilding your skin’s natural barrier against dryness. Repair environmental damage and encourage collagen production for healthier skin. Our scrubs are deeply moisturizing to soften and revitalize skin, for a clean, luxurious feeling. Scrubs are available unscented or in your choice of 5 scents inspired by our favorite seasonal beverages. 



Spicy and rich, this scent will take you away from the stresses of the day. Balancing the sweetness of sugar with gently revitalizing Indian tea, you’ll be ready to tackle anything.

Hot Cocoa

Comforting and sweet, this scent revels in softness, enveloping you in familiar warmth, like coming inside on a winter day.

Lavender Chamomile Tea

Supremely soothing and anti-inflammatory, this scent is perfect for evening ablutions, allowing you to shed the day’s worries and settle in for a restful night.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Equal parts relaxing and invigorating, Moroccan Mint Tea suggests a worldly hospitality, cutting through the fog and enhancing clarity so you can take on what’s next.

Southern Sweet Tea

Dazzle at the next soiree without anyone thinking, “Bless their heart!”  Made without any fragrance oils, this scrub offers all the benefits of soft, healthy skin without the scent.

Turkish Coffee

Sensuous like the perfect cup of coffee on your most inspired day, this scent gets you going, sans jitters. An extra kick of caffeine means your skin will feel amazing all day.

Sugar Scrubs

  • Each formula is made the same, with the only difference being the teas, oils, and other scents, with two exceptions.

    Southern Sweet Tea is made without any fragrance oils, and Turkish Coffee has extra caffeine.

    Ingredients: Safflower oil, argan oil, glycerin, shea butter, tamanu oil, tahitian monoi oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, cupacu seed butter, murumuru seed butter, tocopherol, and panthenol. 

    The stars are how many of the ingredients are doing each thing.

    • Unclog pores
    • **** Moisture barrier 
    • *Smooth skin
    • ******Antioxidant
    • *****Soften skin 
    • *****Fatty acids
    • ********Moisturize
    • ***Humectant
    • *Slow evaporation
    • Pevent irritation
    • ***Noncomedogenic
    • All skin types
    • ***Antiinflammatory
    • ***Antibacterial
    • **Antifungal
    • Clean skin without stripping oils
    • *Prevent acne
    • *Boost collagen production
    • Promote cell regeneration
    • *Reduce stretch marks and scars
    • *Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
    • ***Environmental protection
    • Soothes and relieves itching
    • *Boosts elasticity
    • Cleansing
    • Exfoliating
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