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Our essential oils and oil blends are ethically-sourced and held to a high standard of purity. We don’t believe in fillers or in cutting corners. Whatever your ritual, there’s a luscious blend or pure extract that’s right for every mood and occasion.


Peacock’s Nest is not a doctor. Consult your doctor before using anything, on this list or not, for a medical purpose.


Pricing is for 15ml, or 1/2oz.



Brimming with earthy sensuality, uplifted by notes of lavender, sweet orange, frankincense, and ylang ylang; anoint yourself for a feeling of timeless regality. 

“Four Thieves"

Steal away for a moment of clarity with this refreshing blend of cloves, lemon, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus citriodora, and rosemary.

“Flow State”

Experience deep focus and enhance creativity with this blend of cardamom, vetiver, bergamot, rose geranium, palmarosa, and sweet orange.

“Gilded Age”

Spicy and opulent, this blend of cajeput, cardamom, frankincense, coriander, marjoram, and sweet orange is perfect for the industrious creative.

“Oasis Bloom”

Lavender, sweet orange, and  rose geranium sow the seeds of new beginnings.

“Mother Bird”

(formerly Peacock's Nest Blend): This blend of cajeput and lavender is floral without being girly, great for standing out from the crowd at markets and festivals.


Sexy, musky, and masculine, this blend of cypress, lavender, frankincense, lemongrass, rosemary, vetiver, and sweet orange excites like an iconic guitar solo.



This lighthearted blend of tea tree, lemongrass, frankincense, and cypress is uncluttered and full of joy. 

Essential Oil Blends, 1/2 oz: The Wanderlust Collection

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