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Willie's Cacao has redefined how millions of people worldwide think about chocolate. They make real chocolate, in small, batches, 'bean to bar' using only the world's great single estate cacaos. 100% natural.

Most Americans expect 100% cacao to be bitter, like baking chocolate. This.if you like dark chocolate, this will be a revelation. 

100% cacao chocolate made with pure Sur del Lago cacao from south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Smooth and nutty. With no added sugar or dairy, it is packed full of antioxidants.It is the perfect feel-good, healthy treat. Lika all Willie's Caco, it is made bean to bar from the finest single estate cacaos and 100% natural ingredients. Every step is designed to make pure, beautiful flavours. Pure Gold is conched at low temperatures for about 21 days to remove any acidity while preserving the charismatic nutty notes.


100% Sur Del Lago Gold, 50g

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