The Owner

Lauren has spent years teaching various crafts to people of all ages. Her unique approach to crafts focuses on segmenting the process into several stages of construction allowing for that joy of completion each step of the way. She lends valuable insight into making projects accessible by segmenting them into something less daunting in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the  final form.

While there will always be a vast variety of crafts offered in the space, Laren’s true passion is henna, an art that she’s been studying for decades. She’s well versed in its history and has published several books on the subject ranging from design to the history of medieval henna. As she’s honed her craft, she’s consulted countless primary sources, from ancient paintings documenting it to written texts. She’s traveled far to interview several multidisciplinary artists and experts as well as those deeply ingrained in the modern day cultures that most heavily use the art form.


Guiding Principles

Lauren focuses on making crafts accessible to everyone, including those who don’t necessarily think of themselves as crafty. While she’s happy to provide step by step instruction, she wants the flexibility for creative input. She’ll guide you, offer help when you get stuck. Peacock’s Nest provides the confidence, structure, and motivation to work on projects through community. 

There’s something beautiful about everyone working on the same thing, but each having their own unique imprint on the final product.