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Hi, I'm Lauren Grover!

I founded Peacock’s Nest Studio and its sister project, Paisley Peacock Body Arts, because crafting brings me joy. 


I’ve practiced henna body art for 28 years, and have always enjoyed creating things that make others smile. At the studio in Easthampton, MA, I sell unique art pieces, craft kits, and fandom-inspired self-care products.

It’s important to me that crafting and self-care (and crafting as self-care!) remain accessible to all. The ingredients in my products are all natural, known for generations to be beneficial to the body, now backed up by research and my diligent sourcing practices.  You can feel good about feeling good using my products! 


Stop by the studio in Eastworks, or catch me at a local craft fair, makers’ market, or festival!

A head shot of Lauren Grover, an artist based in Western MA. She's wearing an orange paisley shirt and glasses.
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Peacocks - Shop-305.jpg
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